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10 Things You Learn When You're a File Clerk

  1. There’s always food in the kitchen that someone will bring*.
  2. Never, ever say that it is a slow day at the office. The opposite will come true in a matter of minutes.
  3. Mistakes will be made, probably by you. Don’t freak out though, just address it as soon as possible and learn from it.
  4. There’s a phenomenon that occurs each day, where the hours will pass so fast (like your Netflix binge watching), or they will drag so slowly that looking at a clock kills you a little.
  5. You’ll get used to playing “Does the Face Match the Voice?” with numerous clients on the phone and in person.
  6. As constant as the northern star, there will always be filing.
    1. You’ll be up and moving though, so you should reward yourself with a brownie.
  7. Some days you’ll put effort into your attire, especially if you’re going out after work. But most days you’ll choose flats over heels.
    1. Always comfy over cute. Always.
  8. You finally understand why TGI Friday restaurants exist and why they’re occupied by very happy adults.
  9. You now have a valid “I have work in the morning” to add to your list of excuses to stay in.
  10. Your workplace becomes your second home, and your coworkers become your work family.

* Probably sweets, so it’s a party every day!