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Any transaction involving real estate can go sideways without competent counsel. When a deal goes awry, it is invariably more expensive and time-consuming to correct and resolve the situation than if the deal had been documented correctly from the outset.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, developer, investor, landlord, tenant, association, broker, or agent, your real estate transaction should be reviewed by a knowledgeable lawyer who is looking out for your interests.

Young & Williams LLP attorneys are highly experienced in successfully and cost-effectively handling complex real estate transactions, disputes and litigation. We have over 100 years of collective experience and have successfully represented many clients in the Santa Clarita Valley areas, as well as throughout Southern California.

Some of the specific real estate matters on which Young & Williams LLP has provided counsel include:

  • Purchase and sale agreement formulation and review
  • Lease preparation and review
  • Actions to set aside fraudulent transfers or encumbrances
  • Partition actions (severance of joint ownership)
  • Trespass and encroachment claims
  • Boundary line and easement disputes
  • Concealment or non-disclosure of defects
  • Quiet title (competing claims to ownership)
  • Lien priority disputes
  • Neighbor disputes and nuisance claims
  • Association default claims
  • Zoning and land use changes and disputes
  • Condemnation (contractual or inverse)
  • Enforcement or cancellation of purchase agreements
  • Eviction (unlawful detainer)
  • Constructive eviction (landlord breach of duties)

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Each unique situation will vary. Our Santa Clarita real estate lawyers can help you choose the optimal and most cost-effective course of action depending on the specific circumstances of your issue.

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