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Landlord-Tenant Laws

Santa Clarita Real Estate Lawyers

California has a maze of laws governing landlords, tenants, and property managers. Municipal ordinances and Homeowners' and Business Park Association "CC&Rs" add to this complexity. At Young & Williams LLP, our real estate attorneys stand ready to provide trusted legal counsel and representation to clients throughout Santa Clarita and the rest of Southern California to address all types of landlord-tenant disputes.

We have experience handling complex cases for both landlords and tenants. Our Santa Clarita real estate lawyers use our knowledge and experience in California real estate law to facilitate favorable, cost-effective resolutions for our clients. If you are seeking legal representation on a landlord-tenant matter, look no further than Young & Williams LLP.

If you are facing any of the following issues, contact our office right away for legal counsel.


  • Eviction without proper notification
  • Failure of landlord to provide tenantable premises
  • Allegations of improper use of premises
  • Non-return of security deposit
  • Discrimination in leasing
  • Retaliatory eviction


  • Breach of lease (nonpayment of rent or other default)
  • Issues with Association
  • Claim for return of security deposit
  • Termination of lease to market property
  • Tenant's allegations of unsafe, unsanitary, or other negative conditions

When you work with Young & Williams LLP, our Santa Clarita real estate attorneys develop a personalized resolution plan to meet your specific needs. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can begin to create a strategy to protect your rights as a property owner or tenant. In landlord-tenant law, many rights are time- sensitive (on a short fuse). You should seek counsel promptly to ensure that your options do not become more limited or expensive.

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