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Foreclosure Defense Attorneys in Santa Clarita

If you are facing foreclosure, chances are that you are worried about the future and devastated that the home where you've made so many memories may be taken away. The team at Young & Williams LLP is here to help. Our foreclosure defense lawyers in Santa Clarita can provide you with committed foreclosure defense and fight for your rights when it comes to saving your home.

Methods of Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure in California does not require a Court proceeding - a lender can take a borrower's home away in as little as 110 days (less than 4 months) from the time that a formal Notice of Default is recorded. If you have received a pre-foreclosure notification, a Notice of Default, or a Notice of Trustee's Sale, the time to act to save your home is now.

We may be able to use a variety of different defenses in your case, under both California and Federal law. Every case is unique and fact-specific. The scope of the protections provided under the California Homeowners' Bill of Rights and other statutes (including the Truth in Lending Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act) are a rapidly evolving area of the law. Under many circumstances, a foreclosure can be temporarily halted by an injunction, and then permanently stopped by a negotiated resolution or a Court judgment - even after a mortgage has been modified under HAMP or other federally mandated programs.

Prompt action is essential. It is much more difficult and costly to unwind an already completed foreclosure sale than it is to stop a foreclosure while it is still in process.

Defending Your Rights During Foreclosure

We want to help you save your home from foreclosure. Call our Santa Clarita foreclosure defense attorneys today to learn more.