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Real Estate Disputes

Santa Clarita Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate disputes come in many varieties: alleged breaches of purchase and sale contracts, claims involving concealment of defects, breaches of a lease by the tenant or the lessor, competing claims to ownership, issues about the priority of liens, and actions to sever tenancies or divide commonly owned property are just a few examples. One feature of all real estate disputes is that they take knowledge and experience in real estate litigation in order to be resolved advantageously.

At Young & Williams LLP, our Santa Clarita real estate lawyers speak with experience to back us up to determine if a real estate dispute should be settled or, if litigation is necessary, the range of potential outcomes and the likely cost of taking a case to trial.

With this in mind, Young & Williams LLP begins every representation with a candid assessment of the facts - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and the law applicable to these facts. Our clients know where they stand at every step of the case, and have the benefit of our experience in assessing major strategy decisions, including whether to proceed with negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or trial.

How can Young & Williams LLP help me?

Our Santa Clarita real estate attorneys at Young & Williams LLP have significant experience in resolving and litigating real estate disputes on behalf of owners, buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, investors, landlords, tenants, and associations.

We are experienced in representing our clients' interests in a range of real estate disputes in alternate dispute resolution forums, as well as in California State and Federal Courts, including:

  • Enforcement or cancellation of purchase agreements
  • Concealment or non-disclosure of defects
  • Eviction (unlawful detainer)
  • Constructive eviction (landlord breach of duties)
  • Actions to set aside fraudulent transfers or encumbrances
  • Partition actions (severance of joint ownership)
  • Trespass and encroachment claims
  • Boundary line and easement disputes
  • Quiet title (competing claims to ownership)
  • Lien priority disputes
  • Neighbor disputes and nuisance claims
  • Association default claims
  • Zoning and land use changes and disputes
  • Condemnation (contractual or inverse)

While Young & Williams LLP has a successful track record in resolving disputes outside of Court, we are fully prepared to try any meritorious case in State or Federal Court, and seek appellate review when necessary. Our goal is to provide the best, most cost-effective service for our clients who face real estate disputes. Contact Young & Williams LLP to guide you through the law applicable to your real estate dispute, and ensure that your rights are fully protected.