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A conservatorship is the appointment of a fiduciary by the Court to manage the financial affairs (and sometimes the daily life) of another person, due to a disability of the affected individual. Medical evidence is required, and the Court will appoint a second attorney to represent the interests of the proposed conservatee. Once a conservator is appointed, periodic reports are required, and the actions of the conservator are reviewed by the Court. Often, the conservator is required to ask permission from the Court before making major decisions, such as selling a business or real estate.

When are conservatorships necessary?

A conservatorship is appropriate when an individual is incapacitated and can no longer make sound financial decisions regarding his or her property or business, or (in some instances) can no longer take care of his or her basic daily needs. It is the conservator's job to step in and make key decisions on behalf of the incapacitated individual in alignment with his or her best interests.

A conservatorship may be necessary when the estate owner:

  • Suffers from dementia
  • Is in a coma
  • Has suffered brain damage by a stroke, trauma, or disease
  • Cannot provide for his or her personal needs for health, food, clothing, or shelter
  • Cannot manage his or her financial resources or resist undue influence

An incapacitated individual who had already established a Trust, or executed a valid Power of Attorney, may not need a conservator. If you want more information about conservatorships or need legal assistance after becoming a conservator, contact Young & Williams LLP . Our Santa Clarita estate administration attorneys can help you fulfill your legal responsibilities, and protect your loved ones and their assets.