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The keys to a proper estate plan include:

  • Education — Know your options and the solutions that are best for your situation
  • Preparedness — Think ahead in order to protect your loved ones and to establish the right plans for a variety of foreseeable situations
  • Thoroughness — Be comprehensive in your estate plan for your peace of mind and your family’s well-being

A successful estate plan utilizes the right tools. Your attorney can help you make the most intelligent and effective decisions as you plan for your loved ones’ futures. No matter your age or financial status, establishing a proper estate plan lets you have peace of mind knowing your family will be taken care of and your wishes carried out and adhered to. Let our team at Young & Williams LLP help you establish a quality estate plan that enables you to feel confident and prepared at every stage of life.

Do I need a will?

there is no will established at the time of your death, your property will be distributed according to the California Probate Code, as interpreted by judicial decisions, and ultimately in the discretion of the court. In addition, without a will or a trust, the court could have jurisdiction over other important decisions such as the custody of your children and pets. Why let someone else make these critical decisions that so profoundly affect your loved ones and your legacy?

Speak with a Santa Clarita Estate Planning Lawyer

Protecting yourself requires speaking with a Santa Clarita estate planning attorney you trust. Our team is prepared to serve you and to help you create a lasting and secure estate plan. From drafting your will to updating an established will with new changes designed to facilitate developments in your life from your finances to your family members to your non-profit interests, Young & Williams LLP can help. Contact our team today to learn more.